Park Trust launched its maiden school in Tirupur in 1970. A small milestone which marked the beginning of a long sailing in the ocean of Education, with innovations in every step of the way. Today Park Trust runs nearly 20 Educational Institutions catering to the needs of around 20,000 from kindergarten to doctoral degrees and a strong alumni who are an integral part of enriched communities over the world for the past 45 years.

The world in general and our country in particular has been witenessing changes of varying nature, economic reforms, explosive development in the technology sector and this almost unbelievable pace in developments on the communication field have together transformed the manpower needs. Educational Institutions of the present day world must be capable of meeting the manpower needs of the new, vibrant and ever changing technology-ridden industry and society. Such institutions have to be economic endeavours in addition to being moral enterprises. Education has to transform individuals to meet with the requirements of such society and technology. To succeed in the highly competitive and Hi-Tech environment. We ought to have today, world-class institutions of tomorrow. This is what Park is aiming at.

The expertise of Park Institutions ensure that modern, cost-effective and performance driven systems are incorporated to provide education which will promote all round personality, value based learning and high academinc standards. The Group Institutions address the needs of the socially, economically and physically impoverished and make them competent members of the society.The group is committed, dedicated and focused towards the fulfilling its responsibilities to the Industry, Universities, Government, Trustees, its staffs and most importantly, its students


The global economy and the communication revolution along with the IT surge has truly shrunk the world. Here is a very relevant phase in the developmental history of human civilization. Today, there is not one area in our life left untouched by these world phenomena’s. Be it business, industry, education or lifestyle, every sphere is experiencing the positive effects of a brimming with opportunities. Deservedly so, India finds itself in the forefront of this immense human endeavor.To sustain the momentum our country has achieved is no mean task and unquestionably education plays a pivotal part in it. Our education has to transform to meet the changing technological and human resources needs of our country and the world. To succeed in this highly competitive, challenging and ever changing hi-tech environment, we ought to have today world-class educational institutions of tomorrow!

It is this gauntlet that park group has taken-up with all earnestness and commitment. At any given time today, there are more than 20,000 students pursuing various academic programmes at more than thirteen leading park institutions. We extract pleasure in providing the nation builders of tomorrow a wealth of knowledge, a set of paying skills and a positive frame of mind as they graduate from our institutions. At park entities it is always an experience of intellectually stimulating work, morally uplifting interaction and professionally rewarding environment.

Welcome to the Park Fold let’s pioneer potentials.

Dr. P V Ravi – Chairman