If you love reading novels and writing you may want to choose a major in the field of English Language and Literature. This field of study involves reading significant works of fiction, as well as studying the history, structure, and use of language.

One of the most popular majors in this field is General English which focuses on the study of English language and literature as well as other subjects in the liberal arts. Students who love classic literature may want to major in Literature, while those who are more interested in writing can choose Writing Studies. Some colleges offer additional opportunities to choose concentrations.

Classes may differ depending on your major, but you can expect to be discussing ideas, reading literary criticisms, and be writing creative and analytical papers. While performing these activities, you will be taking courses in continental literature, history of English, linguistic analysis, creative writing, literary theory and criticism.


Strong reading and writing skills are recommended in this field. You must be able to express your ideas and analysis efficiently in your written work and class participation, so work on both oral and written communication. Attention to detail and creativity are important talents because you will be making connections and comparisons.

If you are interested in pursuing a degree in English Language and Literature, students are advised to take prior courses in creative writing, literature, English language, and speech. Some student choose to continue their education with a Master’s degree in this field.